Powerful, compact, easy to handle, gentle to the fruit and in high quality – THIS is LIPCO fruit harvesting technology!

It is hard-working and dangerous to harvest cherries, plums, mirabelles, apples, pears or nuts by use of a harvesting wire. Is there another possibility? YES! LIPCO harvesting technology is easy and safe, there is only one single operator on the tractor or on the shaker necessary.

The advantages:

• no tree-climbing necessary
• quick embracing of trunk and high branches
• short-time shaking process so gentle to the fruit and the tree bark
• perfect harvesting result

Thanks to the powerful aggregate and the gripper that is gentle to the tree bark, you can reach a perfect shaking result by use of a LIPCO hydraulic shaker.

But there are more LIPCO machines for an easier harvesting process. Please have a look and be inspired!Please contact us for more information: mail@lipco.com, phone: +49 7841 6348-0.