With the LIPCO-TUNNEL spraying technology drift is turned into valuable spraying agent. The overspray is recycled into the tank by using the recycling technology. The valuable spraying fluid is filtered very finely back into the tank thus:

Protection of natural resources while reducing risks, and advancement of natural biodiversity!

• 35-40% less plat protection agent throughout the season
• up to 99% less drift
• saves time as several rows can be treated simultaneously
• greater selection of plant protection agent
• less distance to open waters
• no problems with neighbour cultures
• operator is protected from drift
• less noise
• a very high degree of intermediate sediment after every spraying
• state subsidy possible
• recognized by Julius-Kühn-institute in Brunswick/Germany and registered in the index as a loss reducing machine
• environmentally friendly spraying as a sales argument for your winery
• saving of motor fuel of over 20 % is possible on tractor

The biggest advantage is the recycling/backflow of the non-congealed fluid.

The recycling rate begins in spring at a rate of 70 % when the foliage is low. There is still a recycling rate of 20 % by the time of the last spraying and the foliage is fully developed. The annual rate of saving is approx. 40 %.

Based on a plantation measuring 20 hectares a TUNNEL sprayer can save 48000 € worth of plant protection agent in 10 years.
A conventional sprayer would require approx. 120000 € of plant protection agent in the same period.

No other agricultural machine can compete with this.