Pathway Weeder WP75

Pathway Weeder WP 75 , year of construction: 2018

special price (per piece): EUR 999.00

Offer subject to intermediate sale, plus freight, packaging and VAT.

The Pathway Weeder removes weeds and levels the surface. By working in this way, the device cleans and reconditions. The surface layer becomes water-permeable again.

Water-bound surfaces such as park, hiking and cemetery paths, cinder tracks, sports fields and playgrounds are very maintenance and cost-intensive due to weed growth. The Pathway Weeder is a valuable helper here. Even extremly grassy and weedy surfaces are tidied up in only one single operation.  The implement can als be used for surfaces which have not been worked on for several years.

Can be mounted on a two-wheel tractor, cutter bar mower or carrier vehicle.

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